What to Expect From Spinet Piano Movers

spinet piano movers

The spinet piano is by far the most miniature style of upright piano found in households today. It’s approximately three feet long and around 58 inches long. Although these pianos are pretty tiny, they still weigh over 300 pounds, making them no easy transport task.

Finding a professional service that offers both moving services and moving your spinet piano to your new home can be quite a challenge. However, finding a professional mover who provides both services is highly recommended. If a piano mover does not offer transportation and moving services, they may not be the best person for the job, especially for something as significant as a piano. You can visit this website at https://www.pianomoverorlando.com/ to see more piano moving services.

When choosing between the many professional upright piano movers in your area, take into consideration the reputation of each individual one. For smaller and local businesses, word of mouth can often be a reliable source of information regarding their capabilities. Large, established companies tend to have a website that contains a list of testimonials from previous clients. These testimonials can give you an idea of the work ethic and professionalism of a company as well as their rates for moving pianos.

Other important considerations include the reputation of each individual mover as well as the services offered. For smaller local businesses, word of mouth may be sufficient, but larger, well known upright piano movers with moving services may offer a higher rate due to their greater visibility. However, a good way to find out the true price of moving your grand piano will be to call several local companies and compare the rates. You’ll want to ask about the total cost of the flat top or escutcheon, the number of lags included in the move, and whether the piano moving company offers free consultation with local movers. Many large companies have professional piano movers on staff who are more than happy to offer free consultations with customers.

The type of moving method used by the piano removalists you hire can also impact the overall cost of your move. Unassisted pulling or dragging the piano across the neighborhood can be extremely expensive. Local moving companies are likely to provide you with a variety of moving options that can fit most budgets. Some simply use dollies to move the piano along behind a moving truck, while others provide full board or semi-private moving solutions. In some cases, the dollies are attached to the truck, and the rest of the piano is securely strapped down using felt strips or fabric ropes.

Unassisted dragging, where the movers simply drive the piano along behind them, is one of the least expensive ways to move a piano, but it does involve moving the piano and is not very convenient. Upright moving methods are much easier. The instruments are placed on top of small, level pontoons that are lowered to the ground by a crane. The pontoons are raised up with hydraulic jacks, and the piano and all its strings and accessories are lifted off the ground by crane-like workers.

Using a low dolly is probably the best way to move an upright piano, and many piano movers in Los Angeles will choose this method for most residential moves. The low dolly is lowered using a crane so that the piano can be carried easily and securely. The strings of most upright pianos can be moved by hand or with the assistance of a specially-designed crane. Many piano removalists have their own equipment to move larger pianos, but you might want to look around first to make sure that any potential piano movers are experienced and qualified. It’s best to avoid moving the instrument yourself if at all possible, as it can be difficult to estimate the weight and size accurately without proper experience.

Most piano movers Los Angeles offer a free quote by phone, and this can often help you determine what moving services they offer. A few movers may even offer a free consultation by email, so take advantage of this. Many movers will provide a quote via email and will require you to sign a contract before moving day. Make sure that you read all of the fine print, especially any limitations or conditions of the quote.