If a basic blender is all you are looking for in your next blender, then the Osterizer 14-Speed Blender should be the one to consider. Every kitchen needs a blender but not all kitchens need a fancy blender. Basic was my word of choice when speaking with the salesman that introduced me to the Osterizer 14-Speed Blender. It didn’t matter to me how it looked and I’m sure my weekend houseguests didn’t mind either, as long as we got our mixed drinks.
The Osterizer 14-Speed Blender was designed for people like me which often get in a hurry at times and tend to make spill things. The rubber at the bottom makes it almost impossible to turn over. I don’t even worry about my kids using it or being around it on the kitchen counter. And with it being a plastic appliance, and not steel or glass, the Osterizer 14-Speed Blender is almost harmless. I use the word “almost” because it is an electric appliance.

Getting back to considering the Osterizer 14-Speed Blender just a basic blender is an understatement. In the past few years of owning this machine, I have yet to have any problems with the maintenance and upkeep of the blades which I was expecting to get dull or in need of any attention within all my spans of heavy use. To be honest I would have thrown it out and bought another one but everything still works fine on it.

Now comes the part that’s hardest to describe. But it’s a blender so this was expected. Tearing the Osterizer 14-Speed Blender all the way down is a careful process and everything is done separately. The plastic blender can simply be wiped down in a matter of seconds. The glass pitcher can be manually washed or placed in a dishwasher. And to prevent rust or any future malfunctioning, you may want to use a damp rag on the blades. I find my way of taking care of the Osterizer 14-Speed Blender the way to keep it working for many more uses in the future.

Now, with all that being said, I can now say what every person looks for in any blender, whether it is a basic blender or expensive blender?┬áThe Osterizer 14-Speed Blender does give a perfect blend. That gives this blender the privilege to be sitting in anyone’s kitchen from a small apartment to a luxurious home.