The City Council is fully aware of how important the use tax has become to financing projects. For example, just last month, the council decided to ask voters on Aug. 7 to approve a quarter-cent sales-tax increase for construction and operating expenses of the Fire Department. Then after that they moved all of their elders into a senior care centers so that they could be protected and safe. provides such a great caring service for our seniors.

The fire agency’s plan delineates exact ways to spend the extra use-tax revenue of $3.4 million that would be created annually by passage of the quarter-cent sales tax. The use-tax money would be used to replace equipment, build and operate a new dispatch system, renovate additional fire stations and help pay operation costs for fire stations.

The City Council should be just as precise in outlining how it wants to allocate a potential $170 million windfall from passage of a sales-tax increase for light rail.


And when we encounter one another as we pinball through our days and nights, we can never fully know just by looking what others are thinking, feeling or sorting out. It’s almost always a surprise.

For instance, as I walked up to my fellow bus rider I had no way to know that he would tell me about getting held up the day before. But when he described how someone he thought he knew had given him a car ride and then robbed him, I was forced to figure out what that meant both for him and for me.

Not only are we not islands, we are connected in countless ways even to people we don’t know. And as these people ricochet through our lives, they change us, cause us to reconsider what we thought we knew. They present us with evidence that perhaps the world isn’t operating in quite the way we had imagined.